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Chrizelle Lategan

Now that we are entering the colder months, I thought it was fitting to do a blogpost on 'how to care' for your sweaters. One can say that sweaters is probably one of my favourite things to wear. You can never go wrong with layering a big/chunky-knit over what might seem a rather boring-looking outfit. 

In saying that, there is nothing quite as frustrating as unpacking all your winter clothes after the summer - just to discover that it's pilled and no longer looking great.

So, I've done some research and found a few tips and tricks that I found worked the best for me.

1. When washing your cardigans, fine knit sweaters and even cashmere, make sure to launder them in a lingerie bag so that they don't pick up any other fluff balls. Also making sure you wash it on a gentle setting with mild detergent. Then air dry the sweaters on a flat surface and voila, good as new!

2. Always fold sweaters, hanging them will make them stretch.

3. I always try hand washing my sweaters.  Especially the one's that I care most about.

4. Razor it. Best way to de-pill your knits is to take a disposable razor and run it over the sweater (same as when you shave your legs). An alternative is a pumice stone which works just as well.

5. Nothing is worse than a sweater that smells like it's been hiding in a box since last summer! Vodka is the answer. Just pour a little in a spray bottle and gently spritz over the sweater. Vodka is odourless and will absorb most of the smell.

6. Always make sure your sweaters are washed before storing them away, as natural oils from your skin and food particles can attract moths. A remedy for this is lavender which is a natural moth repellant. So try using lavender drawer liners or make your own sachet filled with lavender and place in between clothes.

Hope everyone had an amazing easter weekend.


Knit: Country Road
Skirt: Cmeo Collective
Boots: Country Road
Watch: The Horse