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New York 2015

Chrizelle Lategan

We are finally back from New York, and although I'm happy to be sleeping in my own bed again - I'm definitely feeling the post holiday blues.

To sum things up, our stay consisted of using aribnb for the full trip (half Manhattan & other half Williamsburg). For those that are considering airbnb, I would definitely recommend it.
We found that not only was it a lot more affordable to stay with, but that we could experience New York in a more authentic & genuine way, meeting some of the most amazing people along the way.

The first time we ever went to New York (back in 2012), we did the normal touristy thing of staying in a hotel, right in the middle of Times Square. Man was it noisy.

Even though it was still great to see, once you go airbnb you never go back.

This time, before the trip, we planned to tick off more of the touristy attractions. But as the trip went on, we ended up saying; "stuff the attractions and let's eat instead". Haha
I hate to admit it, all our pocket money went towards good food. (As Andre always says - "You only live once")

We got by with a little help from our good friends; the Yelp & NYC subway apps. Although they weren't really talkative, they made us discover all the must see places. After a while we couldn't go without them!
FYI - My best friend Yolandi also happens to live in NY which made a big difference. (Dankie Lands!)

The weather in new york was crazy to say the least. Sometimes, I seem to be the worst packer in the world. I ended up bringing very little to no warm clothes thinking, "it's spring right?"
We had a few beautiful spring days and then the cold/rainy weather hit us hard and with that came the flu.
In the end I had to resort in wearing some of my husband's clothes which was probably not the most fashionable, but at least it did the job!

Overall, New York was amazing... But even more amazing was the people that we met and became good friends with along the way. Couldn't help but feel God had a hand in it all.

So for now it's back to reality!

Till next post, hope everyone has a great weekend.



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