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Spring fever


Spring fever

Chrizelle Lategan

"Crisp white summer Dresses, Denim jackets, Straw hats and anything stripes."


We are already a few weeks into spring and I can't be happier about it. After visiting beautiful Canberra last weekend and experiencing winter temperatures again, I am just so much more grateful to be back on the sunny Gold Coast again.

However, traveling always brings one big problem along with it, packing. I always end up with an overweight suitcase that my poor husband has to drag along wherever we go, happy wife, happy life, right?  Not so much, as I always end up packing my whole life except what I actually need.  It was freezing cold, and I ended up layering all my thin pieces of clothing to warm up. It is difficult packing for winter when you are already in hot spring (summer) mode. That being said, I am determined to master the art of packing and when I do some day, I will make sure to tell you guys all about it.  

When I think of a spring wardrobe, some of the first things that come to mind are Crisp white summer Dresses, Denim jackets, Straw hats and anything stripes.

So I thought it was only fitting to kick off my first spring look with this beautiful white dress and denim jacket combo. I am definitely a dress kinda gal and when I saw this dress from Shein it was just a no brainer "a have to have it moment".

I paired it with a simple necklace and some Mules and added a Denim Jacket for when it gets chilly later in the evening.

If you're looking to buy some beautiful spring dresses (that are also budget friendly), just head to Shein where they are now offering 40% off your first purchase with Code: VB40

Have a great week beautiful people.


C xx