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California dreamin

Chrizelle Lategan

Where to begin. We are officially back from our US trip and straight into work mode, and have finally got a chance to share some of the photos and tips from our trip!

Usually we try to work in a US trip each year and always seem to go back to New York. But this time around we decided to explore a bit more of California.

I have only been to Los Angeles once before and to be honest it didn't really live up to the hype. Mainly because of a couple things:

1. Not renting a car and having to rely on public transport.

2. Staying in the most remote area which also didn't help. 

 So this time we had to do a lot more research to make it a success.


Los Angeles

First off, we decided to stay in Venice beach. We rented a cute airbnb apartment located in the heart of Venice. It was a short walk to the beach, as well as a being only a few blocks away from Abbot Kinney Road (aka the coolest street in America).  This street included some of the coolest little shops & restaurants and not to mention having our favourite little doughnut shop 'Blue star donuts' right there! We also explored more of LA, driving through Malibu and Hollywood.

We had the most amazing time there, eating way too much Mexican and In&Out burgers! But when in Rome..


LA > Big Bear > San Diego > Palm Springs

From there we hired a car and decided to do a road trip to icy cold Big Bear, then San Diego for the boys' digital marketing conference. After that we entered the home of my favourite show, 'the OC' (Newport). Then lastly, we ended up in the magical Palm springs! 


 So what was my favourite? 

It is hard to pick a favourite but I have to say Palm Springs blew me away. If I could pack up and leave, this is where I would stay.

Located about 2.5 hours east of LA and surrounded by desert, Palm springs is truly an oasis to come and relax!

It also has some of the best golf courses in the world, so the boys were pretty happy too! 

Tips and recommendations?

With every trip we learn so much, such as where to stay and what to avoid etc etc. 

Here are some of my tips for Visiting California:

1. Definitely rent a car, we made the mistake the first time not to rent a car and would never do it again. Los Angeles is huge and everything is very spread out. Public transport just doesn't make the cut! Also if you are planning a road trip, you will obviously have to :)

2. Yelp is a life saver and we used it every single day, we downloaded the app and before going out we would search for the best restaurants in that area. It rates restaurants and has customer reviews which is a handy tool when you're not familiar with the place.

3. Airbnb wherever you can, and live like the locals do! 

4. Pack for all seasons as California has cold and very hot places  -  challenging but it can be done.

5. In & Out is always a good idea, especially when the money runs dry ;)

Hope these tips help if you ever find yourself in LA, have a great weekend everyone!